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About me

Fascinated by the big natural spaces, I made several long stays in Quebec and in the United States in Adirondacks, among the First Nations and the trappers.The photography, the cinema, the literature through Jack London and Pasolini are my main sources of inspiration. Novelist, the tenderness and the violence in the love relation, the intergenerational transmission, the quest of the friendship, the environmental concerns are the favourite themes developed in my novels.
My sport of preference is the Thai boxing. Born in France, Seine-Saint-Denis, I work on the university Pierre-et-Marie-Curie in Paris, I’m technician in biotechnology and in image and sound professions in the laboratory of medical simulation.

Poings de suture

Without being classified in the register of the autofiction or the autobiography, this first novel tells a story made up of real-life wounds of childhood. Thomas maintains a sincere friendship with Aïcha, his former professor of letters, but he is far from suspecting that this relation hurt, year after year, Bilal, the only son of Aïcha. Then, between both young people of seventeen years, a slow destructive process starts up hypocritically. The sudden arrival of an expatriate of Thailand, Torsten, upsets their life. Poings de suture is a bashful, hard, moving novel, where the characters distrust, then get closer through the boxing, the disease and the death...

My second novel: The battle of fireflies

My oldest memory of reading was in my primary school in France, a short story about Lulu the trapper. It is the starting point to my second novel. Later, I watched many videos on Youtube, but one guy attracted me in particular, because with his modesst trapper's life-style, close to nature, he puts ecology into a social ritual with respect for nature and animals in relation with humans. I decided to travel, in order to see and to learn ancestral hunting and trapping with Americans and Quebeckers people, and to meet him personnally. The battle of fireflies is inspired by the real wild life of a young American trapper from Adirondacks, Tupper Lake city, Garrett Kopp.

Here is a short film to present this new novel, The battle of fireflies